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Careers at Pernis

Technical career opportunities at Pernis, Netherlands.

Careers at NAM

Technical career opportunities at NAM, Netherlands.

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Innovation at Shell and the future of energy

At Shell, we use human ingenuity, innovation and technology to unlock the energy our customers need to power their lives in the years ahead, while aiming to limit our impact on the environment.

Find out about our major projects

How does oil and gas flow kilometres upwards under immense ocean pressure? Can a giant gas-to-liquids plant that needs water run in the desert? What will it take to turn natural gas to liquid at sea? Take a glimpse inside some of our major projects to see how human ingenuity pushes technical boundaries to safely deliver energy and help meet rising global energy demand.

Woman’s perspective

Shell celebrates diversity and is proud to have an eclectic and integrated staff in locations across the world. We’re committed to inspiring change in the workplace, and to creating opportunities for development and learning that are open to all our staff.

Hot jobs in Shell UK