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Careers in Shell Legal are some of the most rewarding in the corporate space

Shell Legal is a vast yet tight team of specialists taking on high-risk work connecting Shell with its customers and contractors, while protecting the reputation and integrity of its brand.

Shell lawyers perform to the highest abilities within a supportive work environment that offers a dedicated talent pipeline from junior to senior level. Lawyers at Shell provide the essential advice and support that helps keep the company at the forefront of the industry.

The constantly evolving nature of Shell Legal means we seek ambitious candidates ready to step up a gear in the corporate space, building honest promotion of the company and protecting shareholder interests. As well as a naturally curious mind and a desire to make a lasting impact with your work, you’ll need strong influencing and negotiation skills to work alongside internal and external stakeholders from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Shell’s litigation team began operations in May 2012, bringing the vast array of externally handled disputes into one ultra-dynamic house – a global litigation syndicate.

Litigation lawyers at Shell support the Upstream and Downstream businesses, so there is an enormous variety to the work. Shell’s is the highest quality litigation work a lawyer can hope to tackle and offers challenges on a daily basis. Our litigation lawyers combine with business lawyers in-house to represent a considerable force at the forefront of the global energy debate.

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