At Shell, we create a space in which people with disabilities can excel, from an open and transparent recruitment process to workplace adjustments and ongoing support in their various roles.

Equal Opportunities for All to Enable Successful Careers

Shell’s Diversity and Inclusion team takes great pride in actively promoting equal opportunities for disabled employees. In recent years, better processes have been established across the business to ensure this equality, often as a direct result of the work of ‘disability awareness champions like Cherrelle Williams and Andy Kneen.

At Shell, we recognise people for their talents, understanding that people with disabilities have unique strengths that we can learn from and leverage to move the company forward. We understand that innovation requires diverse perspectives and that we need different kinds of thinking to thrive as an organisation and reach our goals.

Discover more about Shell’s approach through our employee stories:

Championing inclusivity in the workplace: Cherrelle’s story

A champion of equal opportunities for all, Cherrelle shares her experiences in both recruitment and customer-focused roles.

An Opportunity to Make a Difference: Andy’s story

After an intensive rehabilitation process following a road traffic accident, Andy entered the job market. Now HR Manager of Trading and Supply at Shell, he's giving back to others.

Support in Number - enABLE Employee Network

To support our employees with disabilities, we have a number of supportive internal employee networks in place, most notably the enABLE Networks. First launched in 2005 in the UK, there are now thirteen enABLE Networks across the globe.

The enABLE Network provides people with disabilities, or people whose lives have been touched by those with disabilities, an open forum to engage and share experiences. Through this open discussion, the network raises awareness and understanding of the challenges faced so that line managers and colleagues have the knowledge to support those with disabilities to thrive in the workplace. It allows employees with disabilities the opportunity to improve the work environment to make it more inclusive for all.

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