The Shell Group of Companies in the UK (Shell UK) can report a mean gender pay gap of 18.6% in 2018, as required under the UK Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This compares to the mean gender pay gap of 22.2% reported in 2017. The change can be attributed partly to measures Shell UK has put in place to close the gap. It is also a reflection of 12 months of global business activity with employees moving to and from the UK; and restructurings, mergers and divestments all impacting our figures.

The gap arises because of demographics within Shell UK and the wider energy industry. We recognise that traditionally a greater proportion of men than women have studied for, and pursued, careers in the energy and engineering sectors, and this trend continues today. As a result, Shell UK currently employs twice as many men as women and has a greater number of men than women in senior and technical positions. This has resulted in a gender pay gap.

Shell UK has been working to address this imbalance and continues to do so. We aim to ensure the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work, at all levels and locations ensuring equal access to the same recognition, reward and career progression opportunities.

You can read more about our progress towards gender balance and the Shell UK 2018 gender pay gap report hereYou can read our 2017 gender pay gap report here.

Journey to Gender Balance at Shell UK

Two areas of focus that we have seen progress on in the last 12 months are our Upstream business and our Trading and Supply business. There’s more to do and you can hear from the businesses themselves below:

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