Modernising working patterns and family care policies

In March 2019, Shell in the UK announced the rebranding of First Utility to Shell Energy Retail Limited. Shell Energy Retail Limited provides British homes with 100% renewable electricity, as well as gas, broadband and smart home technology.

Diversity key to innovation and digital transformation

The Digitalisation and Computational Science Centre of Excellence was created in 2018 to bring together expertise that supports the delivery of digital projects and incubates emerging technologies.

Charting a course to gender balance

In our Shipping and Maritime business, our employees ensure that Shell can continue to provide its products and services worldwide. From optimising the journey of a ship delivering liquefied natural gas from Australia to Japan, or fuels from Rotterdam to Singapore, we know our people make the difference.

Bringing strong foundations through our Trader Development Programme

Building better gender balance in our Trading organisation through the Trader Development Programme, where people learn everything they need to know to become a trader.


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These describe the specific and differing challenges in some of our business areas, and the actions being taken to improve representation and build a more balanced and inclusive workplace at Shell in the UK.

Our approach

We aim to create a culture that allows all our employees to bring their whole selves to work, be their best and thrive and perform well. 

Our findings

UK legislation requires us to calculate and publish our gender pay and bonus figures only. However, we assess pay from a range of other perspectives, including in relation to our BAME employees.