John Wrighthouse, Chief People Officer at Shell Energy Retail Limited said, “We aim to deliver a best-in-class customer experience, underpinned by highly skilled and engaged people. Achieving gender balance and closing the gender pay gap is integral to delivering this ambition. For 2019, our average gender pay gap was 16.2%, an improvement of 5.1%. This was linked to our efforts in recruiting more women in our core jobs, in order to improve our talent pool.

“There are two main reasons why we may have a gender pay gap at Shell Energy Retail Limited, and we are determined to tackle them. First, we have disproportionately more men than women in senior positions. Second, as a technology-driven company, we employ a large number of people focused on IT software development who typically earn more than our mean salary. The reality of the UK labour market means that there are fewer women available for these roles.”

Building the future — In partnership with Engineering UK (a not-for-profit inspiring tomorrow’s engineers) we are working with secondary schools based around Coventry to encourage female students to consider a STEM-related career.

Work-life balance — Our colleagues in the Customer Service teams can now choose the work shifts that best suit them. This makes it much easier for working parents to manage their commitments and has increased the proportion of female colleagues to 46% of our workforce in 2019, a 12% rise from 2017.

Enhanced maternity and paternity pay — We responded to employee feedback and replaced statutory maternity, adoption and paternity leave with enhanced offers, signalling our intent to support colleagues as they manage the demands of parenting.

Recruiting differently — We have changed our recruitment methodology, moving away from assessing a candidate’s experience to a methodology that focuses on assessing capabilities. This has increased our ability to attract a wider range of candidates and has seen proportionately more women applying for roles, resulting in better gender balance.

Inspiring female leadership — We invest in our female colleagues with individual development programmes, supporting female talent to progress through the organisation.

Diversity key to innovation and digital transformation

The Digitalisation and Computational Science Centre of Excellence was created in 2018 to bring together expertise that supports the delivery of digital projects and incubates emerging technologies.

Charting a course to gender balance

In our Shipping and Maritime business, our employees ensure that Shell can continue to provide its products and services worldwide. From optimising the journey of a ship delivering liquefied natural gas from Australia to Japan, or fuels from Rotterdam to Singapore, we know our people make the difference.

Case studies

These describe the specific and differing challenges in some of our business areas, and the actions being taken to improve representation and build a more balanced and inclusive workplace at Shell in the UK.