Access to Upstream oil and gas infrastructure

High level capacity and facilities information on Shell operated oil and gas infrastructure in the UK Continental Shelf for Prospective users.

For general enquiries regarding access to upstream infrastructure operated by Shell, please contact shell’s upstream ICOP champion, Neil Angell on +44 0207 934 3989.

Central and Northern North Sea


The Gannet Complex comprises of a fixed drilling and production platform for Gannet A, B, C, D, F and G fields. 


The Nelson installation comprises of a single, manned drilling and production platform and a subsea satellite tied back to the platform.


The purpose of the FPSO is the extraction, processing, storage and offloading of crude oil from the Pierce North and South fields. 


Shearwater is a normally manned integrated Process, Utilities and Quarters (PUQ) platform which is bridge linked to a Wellhead (WH) Platform.

Shearwater Elgin Area Line (SEAL) - Pipeline

SEAL System transports gas from the Shearwater and Elgin Franklin platforms to the Bacton Gas Terminal on the Norfolk coast.

Southern North Sea


The Bacton gas terminal is located on the Norfolk coast, 32km (19 miles) north of Great Yarmouth. The site is four terminals within one. 


- including Barque, Carrack, Galleon, Skiff and Sole Pit. Clipper is in the Southern part of the UK sector of the North Sea in the Sole Pit field.

Leman Alpha

- including Brigantine, Caravel, Corvette and Shamrock. The Leman Alpha installation is in the Southern part of the UK sector of the North Sea, 69km (43 miles) North east of Lowestoft, 50km (31 miles) from Bacton and 48km (29 miles).

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SEGAL system

The SEGAL system is made up of two wet gas transportation pipelines, the St. Fergus gas terminal, Fife NGL terminal and Braefoot Baytanker loading facility.

Published key terms

Data published in accordance with the Code of Practice on Access to Upstream Oil and Gas Infrastructure on the UK Continental Shelf (ICOP) and the Gas Act (1995).

Contracting and procurement

Documents provided by the Contracting and Procurement Management group for information and guidance on how to do business with us.

Changes to Upstream Operational Information Reporting

Planned and unplanned unavailability of assets in accordance with REMIT.

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