Contractors account for a significant percentage of the workforce at any location and undertake many hazardous activities. The HSE performance of contractors is an integral part of the HSE performance of UIE and Shell plc and is monitored throughout the life of the contract.

In Europe, Shell utilises the Contractor HSE Management Process which is consistent with the guidance from the Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) Guide.

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Contracting and procurement

Documents provided by the Contracting and Procurement Management group for information and guidance on how to do business with us.

Changes to Upstream Operational Information Reporting

Planned and unplanned unavailability of assets in accordance with REMIT.

SEGAL system

The SEGAL system is made up of two wet gas transportation pipelines, the St. Fergus gas terminal, Fife NGL terminal and Braefoot Baytanker loading facility.

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Data published in accordance with the Code of Practice on Access to Upstream Oil and Gas Infrastructure on the UK Continental Shelf (ICOP) and the Gas Act (1995).