Upstream International Operated Contracting & Procurement Contacts

This list contains contact details of individuals within specific areas of our business who will be able to help you with non-confidential commercial information. They will also be able to assist with queries as to how to do business with Shell Upstream in Europe. 

International Europe Contracting & Procurement Contacts

Shell Upstream International Europe Contractor Portal 

Protection of both the health and well being of all employees and contractors and protection of the environment are of utmost concern to Upstream International, Europe.

Contractor Portal

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North Sea operated assets

Discover more about Shell’s oil and gas operated assets in the North Sea including capacity and facilities information.

SEGAL system

The SEGAL system is made up of two wet gas transportation pipelines, the St. Fergus gas terminal, Fife NGL terminal and Braefoot Baytanker loading facility.

Published key terms

Data published in accordance with the Code of Practice on Access to Upstream Oil and Gas Infrastructure on the UK Continental Shelf (ICOP) and the Gas Act (1995).

Changes to Upstream Operational Information Reporting

Planned and unplanned unavailability of assets in accordance with REMIT.