Improved security and fraud protection

With the range of smart email alerts on Shell Card Online, you’ll be notified as soon as any unusual Fuel Card activity is detected. You can set up alerts that trigger purchase limits are exceeded, or if a card is used at the wrong time or place.

Visibility and control over fleet costs

With Shell Card Online enables you to set up reports to monitor everything from fleet fuel consumption to transactions and exceptions, and you can even get everything emailed to you on a regular basis.

Secure online invoicing

Receive, store and share invoices electronically. Shell Card Online’s search facility means you avoid wasting time trawling through your paper archives for a particular invoice — and it’s more secure, too.

Complete card management

When it comes to managing your fuel account, Shell Card Online lets you do it quickly and easily. Order and cancel cards, add new users, manage your card groups, change card details, and much more.

A complete online management solution for your fleet

Stay on top of your business’ fuel cards with Shell Card Online. An easy-to-use online platform that enables you to keep track, control and manage all of your fleet’s fuel needs.

Complete account control

Manage card usage, set limits and restrictions and get immediate access to e-invoices online. The ability to order new cards and set customised pins are among many other customisable features.


Get alerts when a card transaction is suspicious and have the ability to quickly block transactions 24/7, as well as being able to keep your invoices and transactions private and secure.

Instant customised reports

Get a clear overview of your fleet, generate clear and concise reports including instant customise transaction, vehicle consumption, fuel expenses and take control of expenditure. Keep track of your business’ bigger picture 24/7 by monitoring driver behaviour and transactions.

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ROAD Services for International Fleets

Some people see complications on the road ahead. We see simplicity. That’s why we work hard with our partners so you can use your Shell Fuel Card to do more.