A variety of different containers form the letters EETS.

What is EETS?

Is EETS a toll box? No.
Is EETS a company? No.
Does Shell Offer an EETS One Box solution? YES

EETS, short for European Electronic Toll Service, is a service, governed by a Directive established by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union in 2004.

It addresses the interoperability of electronic tolling in the European Union and foresees that every road user would have access to electronic tolling in the entire European tolled infrastructure, using one contract and one on-board unit. Interoperability is the long-term goal.

With its EETS One Box solutions ,Shell Fleet Solutions offers the widest coverage in the market – with toll and tunnel fee payment already available in 8 European countries. In addition, more countries will continuously be added to this network in 2019, 2020 and beyond.*

* information is accurate as of July 2019

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Tolls in Europe – a highly complex field

Different national regulations

Each country has its own national tolling system and regulations when it comes to which roads and vehicles are affected and which payment options are offered.

Different offers in the market

Europe has an overall network of more than 100 toll providers, with 13 in France alone. Thus, you have a huge variety of offers and devices available.

Different technologies

Different on-board units work with different technologies. And even if an on-board unit is technically suited for interoperability, there is a second layer of procedural operability involving contractual agreements between infrastructure operators and toll providers.



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