Simplifying cross-border tolling for business

Simplifying cross-border tolling for business

For fleets making cross-border journeys in Europe, EETS presents the opportunity to remove complexity and streamline the tolling process. Understanding the potential benefits is the first step to finding the right tolling solution, tailored to your business needs.

What’s inside?

Driving business efficiency

Driving business efficiency

Why this is the time for fleet managers to look at how they can drive efficiency, save money and stay ahead of the game with the right tolling solution and partner.

Driving business efficiency

Navigating cross-border tolls in Europe

Cross-border tolling can be complex, costly and confusing. A tailored tolling solution built around your business needs can help reduce admin, save cost and simplify tolling across Europe.

Driving business efficiency

Top tolling tips

Five things fleet managers need to know about EETS and the tailored solution from Shell.

Discover more about Shell’s European Tolling

Tailored Tolling from Shell

We aim to make tolling as seamless as possible, offering expert advice to find the right solution for you, and providng clear insight to help you get the best out of your fleet.

What is EETS?

Learn more about the European Electronic Tolling Services (EETS) directive which aims to simplify the process of paying tolls.


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