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Our complete security package protects your fleet, wherever business takes you.

From card restrictions to our network of sites, we have the latest security built-in to give you control and peace of mind, 24/7.

65% of Fleet Managers believe fraud is a serious issue for their business1

It is estimated to cost as much as 5% of fuel spend2. With a multitude of services and tools, Shell can help you reduce fraud and its impact, plus help keep your business and your people secure. Not only do we provide you with the tools you need, we also have immediate liability switch; as soon as we receive your cancellation confirmation in writing, Shell accepts liability on all subsequent transactions.

Full Control

01 Prevent

It is better to prevent than to solve. We give you the ability to take more control of your fleet’s finances. Using Shell Fleet Hub you can set and change restrictions on your fleet’s Shell Cards – such as volume, day, product, time and location – regulating your fleet’s purchases.


02 Protect

Chip and PIN in combination with real time authorisation means transactions are validated quickly, with an optional added layer of security from Fleet ID. And if a fuel card is lost or stolen, you can block it immediately in our online portal. For your people and your loads, you can access dedicated truck parking across Europe at Shell sites, via our EETS service and through our partnership with Travis Road Services.


03 Detect

Our real-time detection system allows our experts to notify you of fraudulent activity. Shell Fleet Hub allows you to view secure invoices, card activity reports and manage cards, whilst Telematics gives you visibility of vehicle location, discrepancies in fuel uplift and vehicle ullage and more. Well lit-sites and CCTV at many locations means we can help with quick identification of suspicious activity.


04 Alert

Stay alert. With immediate notifications, you can be made aware of any unusual card activity. In Shell Fleet Hub, you can immediately update your settings to ensure your security profiles are always up to date.


Want more control and more insight? Then you need Shell Fleet Hub

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Fleet Hub Computer
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Shell Fleet Hub

Shell Fleet Hub is our intuitive online card management platform, on desktop or mobile.

Complete card management functionality allows you to order new cards, block and cancel them quickly and easily, add new groups and users as well as set limits and alerts for unusual activity. Customise your Shell experience and make the most of your business.

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Visibility and control over fleet costs 

Increase your fuel efficiency and develop insights from clear and concise custom reports for transactions, vehicle consumption, and fuel expenses from both national and international travel. Set-up your own email reports too, making it easier to monitor everything.

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Fraud Protection

With our 24/7 fraud detection team and card blocking, suspicious activity alerts and a secure online platform that keeps all transactions safe and secure, fraud prevention and detection with us can mean cost savings for you.

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Secure online invoicing

Receive, store and share invoices electronically, with details of all international service charges and transactions included. Shell Fleet Hub's search facility means you avoid wasting time trawling through your paper archives for a particular invoice.

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Toll Reporting

With Shell Fleet Hub, you can keep track of all your vehicle data at all times and manage your toll services (on-board units) with just a few clicks – anytime, anywhere.

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Improving security can mean major savings

Improving security can mean major savings

With Shell it takes just a few clicks to do anything from applying a spending limit to blocking cards the moment you spot suspicious activity.

Increase your fleets security now


1, 2 Shell. Fraud Matters Report, 2016

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