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Take away the complexity of European travel and move your international fleet needs to the Shell Card. Access to our experts and road services can help you to increase efficiency, and reduce costs and time spent on admin. One supplier, multiple benefits.

We know that trying to navigate pan-European travel for fleets can be really difficult; lots of time is required to research, set-up and manage a variety of services and suppliers, which can also increase associated administration and business costs.

With Shell, you can access everything you need across the continent, all with one card. Ranging from tolling to VAT recovery to strong network access, we are here to help you save you time and money, keep your team safe and help you reduce the risk of fraud, both on the road and back at base.

Services on the Road

Tailored Tolling from Shell

Cross-border tolling and the payment of tunnels and bridges can be complex, costly and confusing for many fleet managers and drivers. With tailored tolling, Shell can make things simpler for you and your fleet.

European Fuelling Network

An international network of retail sites on key transport routes means your drivers can refuel, rest and recharge in comfort.

VAT Recovery

We’ve simplified the process for recovering tax quickly and conveniently, helping you to improve your cash flow on Shell Card and third-party expenditure.

Fraud and Security

We see fraud as a major industry issue and work tirelessly to help prevent it. Find out what tools we have that can help you to reduce fraud and its impact, plus help to protect your business and your people.

Truck Parking, Washing and Cleaning

Discover how Shell and our partners can help your fleet stay safe, secure and clean whilst on the road.

Additional International Services

Through the Shell Card, fleets can also access breakdown support, ferry and truck-on-train.

Shell Telematics

Bundle your Shell Card and tolling system with near real-time vehicle data from Shell Telematics for more control and insight into your fleet. Find out more.

Drive Carbon Neutral

Not everyone can switch to electric or low carbon vehicles overnight. In the meantime, learn more about our new service that allows your fleet to drive carbon neutral through the use of nature-based solutions.

Benefits for International Fleets

  • Widest coverage

    Widest coverage

    Pay your road tax and tunnel fees seamlessly in more than 25 countries – and in multiple countries using a single OBU.

  • Network access

    Network access

    Sites on key transit routes offer your drivers easy access to refuel and recharge with high quality facilities, with no need to detour.

  •  Integrated with the Shell Card

    Integrated with the Shell Card

    Manage all fleet expenses with a single supplier through the Shell Card, including fuels and non-fuel spending such as parking, ferries and truck washes.

  • Save time

    Save time

    Simplify your admin and cut down on paperwork; one set of invoices for all associated costs and the benefit of one supplier supporting your road services admin and operations.

  • Expert advice and tailored support

    Expert advice and tailored support

    We’ll take the time to understand exactly what your fleet needs and where they travel, then provide you with the solutions you need to help you run your fleet more efficiently.

  • Increased liquidity

    Increased liquidity

    With the Shell Card, international fleets can save money and increase cashflow through quick recovery of VAT, receive automatic payment of toll refunds and discounts, and reduce the risk of fines for missed toll payments.

  • Security and control

    Security and control

    Complete visibility of fleet costs, the ability to set restrictions and limits on expenditure, 24/7 fraud detection, CCTV, parking and more means that we can provide you with the tools needed to keep your vehicles, loads and people safe.

  • Stay updated

    Stay updated

    Extra tools to support you with running your fleet more efficiently; updates on the latest toll news, 24/7 fleet tracking, the Shell eRoad Service portal, our toll calculator and more.

Going the extra mile to support your fleet

Some people see complications on the road ahead. We see simplicity. Getting from A to B isn’t always easy. That’s why we work hard with our partners so you can use your Shell Fuel Card to do more.

Discover your European Solution today

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eRoad Services Portal

Stay up-to-date on news, view our coverage with our dynamic country guide and check your likely tolls cost using a our calculator.

Download our Telematics Dynamic Data Report

An in-depth look at the telematics industry’s effect on fleet performance – from optimising last-mile deliveries to improving driver safety and fuel efficiency.

Unlocking seamless journeys across Europe

With more than 100 different European toll roads in 30 countries, cross-border tolling can present a challenge to fleet managers and drivers. Finding the right solution will help unlock seamless journeys.