Shell Berchem is our largest retail station globally, located on the E25/A3 towards Luxemburg and Belgium, it acts as a key location to serve your business in Europe!

Super-fast refuelling system

Shell Berchem offers access to 24 Diesel pumps and 24 AdBlue pumps for trucks, meaning your drivers can avoid queues when refuelling and get back on the road! All pumps onsite offer an innovative super-fast refuelling system, this unique system where drivers swipe their card once at the pump and refuel their tanks at the same time, helps your trucks refuel nearly twice as fast!

A new multilingual customer screen system has also been installed at each Truck pump to communicate directly with your drivers, in 13 different available languages! Your drivers can find out information about promotions onsite or other valuable information such as the latest weather and traffic updates.

Excellent on Site Facilities and Offers for Truck Drivers

At Shell we understand that your drivers need to refuel just like your vehicles, that is why at Shell Berchem we offer truck drivers who refuel more than 500L a free coffee and a 50% reduced price on the trucker menu at Deli2go, as well as access to our luxurious 2theloo toilet and shower facilities. We also have a McDonald’s and Starbucks on sites, where you drivers can purchase coffee and snacks or get a McDonald’s Big Mac meal for €4.95!

To ensure your drivers and vehicles are kept safe when refuelling we have also installed improved security equipment across the site to give you peace of mind.

Berchem Geo Location

Shell Berchem

E25, 3320 Roeser, Luxembourg

+352 51 88 44

49,541568 - 6,118795

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