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EV charging made easy and convenient

Across the Shell Recharge, and NewMotion and partner network, your fleet will have access to over 8000 charge points* nationwide, located on Shell forecourts, road side, car parks and more.

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Ultra-fast charging at Shell Recharge

We’re growing our network of 150kW ultra-fast and 50kW rapid charge points with easy ways to pay

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Europe’s largest charging networks

Access almost charge points across the UK with a single card and/or app**.

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Our app makes it easy

Find and navigate to charge points, see availability status in real-time, order a free charge card, start a charge and track all of your charging history.

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The Shell Recharge Network

Shell's growing retail network of over 105 forecourt chargers, including 65 rapid-chargers and 43 ultra-rapid chargers, offers fleets the opportunity to recharge on Shell forecourts whilst drivers refresh using site facilities. Powered by 100% certified renewable electricity¹ , our rapid charge points will typically provide a 0-80% charge in approximately 30 minutes, depending on the electric vehicle model².

A Shell Card is being held in front of a NewMotion charge point to start charging

NewMotion Charging Network

The Shell Card also gives fleets access to NewMotion’s interoperable network, where they can use one card to charge across more than 16 partner networks. As the network grows, fleets will get access to an even bigger network with no extra admin required. The Shell and NewMotion networks are conveniently placed across the UK to allow your drivers to charge seamlessly wherever they are.


The Shell EV Network

Shell Recharge. NewMotion. ubitricity. Ionity, ChargePoint Inc.. Franklin Energy. EV-Box. Vattenfall UK. And more. Giving fleets charging opportunities across the UK.

See a full list of UK partners here

Make the transition to a lower carbon future easier for you, for your drivers, and for your business. Call us on 0800 915 6021.

On-the-Go FAQS

* Charge points refers to individual connectors

** Only available at certain charge points, not all.

1 Shell Recharge is supplied by 100% certified renewable electricity sources that have been generated using sources such as wind, solar and biomass.

2 Results may vary, no guarantees provided. Charging speed depends on several factors including temperature outside, type of car, size of battery and battery condition. Please check with your OEM for compatibility and further information.

Shell Telematics

Giving you all the insight you need to help get the best out of your business.

Drive Carbon Neutral

Learn more about our new service that allows your fleet to drive carbon neutral and how it can benefit your business.