Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly important as an alternative to diesel and petrol vehicles as fleets look to electrification to help lower emissions. Delivering a complete E-mobility solution for today’s fleets, Shell now enables customers and their fleets to refuel and recharge with the Shell Card, across the UK.

Three electric vehicles are lined up next to each other and plugged into individual charge points


An end-to-end e-mobility solution for fleets

Shell is helping today’s fleets transition to a lower-carbon future, constantly finding new ways for businesses to operate more sustainably and efficiently. Shell’s new e-mobility offer provides fleets with an end-to-end charging solution – home, office, on-the-go – so they can recharge whenever they need to. Our e-mobility solutions also unlock a range of business benefits such as fuel savings, reducing emissions and meeting government regulations.

A white car is parked at Shell service station, charging at a Shell Recharge charge point

Shell Recharge Network

Shell's growing retail network in the UK offers rapid charging at speeds ranging from 50kW to 150kW, providing 0-80% recharge in around 30 minutes¹ , or in even less time if drivers only need to top up. Using 100% certified renewable electricity² , the Shell Recharge network offers drivers reliability as well as refreshments and facilities whilst their vehicles recharge.

A Shell Card is being held in front of a NewMotion charge point to start charging

NewMotion Charging Network

The Shell Card also gives fleets access to NewMotion’s interoperable network, where they can use one card to charge across 16 different networks. As the network grows, fleets will get access to an even bigger network with no extra admin required. The Shell and NewMotion networks are conveniently placed across the UK to allow your drivers to charge seamlessly wherever they are, using the Shell Card.

Charging at home and at the office

80% of EV charging currently happens at home or the office3 and together with NewMotion, Shell can help you transform office or employee homes into a charging location with smart-charging solutions. Benefit from a decade of experience and end-to-end support.

Find out more about NewMotion’s home and business solutions

Benefits to you and your fleet

  •  Shell Card

    One card from one supplier. Our integrated offer supports businesses to lower costs, emissions and time spent on administration, whilst our online platform and security features helps to ensure the safety of your people, your loads and your business.

  •  Electric Car

    Charge at Shell Recharge. On-forecourt charging providing rapid and reliable charging, where drivers can rest whilst their vehicles recharge using 100% renewable electricity.

  •  Emobility

    NewMotion’s interoperable network and gives fleets access to a continually growing network now and in the future.

  •  Electricity

    Utilise a decade of NewMotion experience to turn office locations and employee driveways into charging locations, with end-to-end delivery and installation of easily managed smart charging solutions and their 24/7 support.

  •  Fleet Hub

    Complete control of your fuel cards and charge points with Shell and NewMotion’s intuitive management platforms, giving you complete visibility and insight.

  •  Shell App

    Download and charge with the Shell Recharge app. Giving you real-time visibility of the whole network, plus the ability to start, stop and pay for charging sessions remotely*.

  •  Clean Burning Fuel

    Bet on a cleaner future. With Shell e-mobility solution you are consciously taking steps to lower your fleet’s mobility emissions.

  •  Invoices

    With consolidated invoices, all charge sessions are billed in your Shell Card invoice along with all other fuel card charges, saving you time on administration.

One card, one supplier – all your mobility needs met. Get your fleet ready for the future now.


1 Results may vary, no guarantees provided. Charging speed depends on several factors including temperature outside, type of car, size of battery and battery condition. Please check with your OEM for compatibility and further information.

2 Shell Recharge is supplied by 100% certified renewable electricity sources that have been generated using sources such as wind, solar and biomass.

3 Source: NewMotion Annual Driver Survey, 2017.

* only available at certain charge points, not all.

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