Who we are

Shell Chemicals ranks among the world's Top 10 chemicals suppliers globally. We supply an average of 18 million tonnes of petrochemicals per year to large industrial customers across the world, many of whom are leaders in their own fields.

We have world-scale production facilities in North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, including here in the UK. Our manufacturing footprint is based on access to petrochemical feedstocks we get from close ties with refineries or upstream operations as part of an integrated energy group.

We are a global operator and our main offices in the UK are in London.

What we do

We convert feedstocks derived from oil and gas production into petrochemicals and intermediates for sale in bulk to other chemicals companies or industries. We focus on basic or ‘building-block’ chemicals which are used in the production of plastics, synthetic rubbers, fibres, detergents, foams, coatings, adhesives, solvents and additives.

As a chemicals supplier we are committed to acting responsibly in all that we do. We follow the principles of Responsible Care® with a firm commitment to: manage the risks associated with our operations and products; deliver continuous improvement in Health, Safety, Security and Environment performance; and integrate principles of sustainable development into our business activities.

We offer our customers a range of commercial sales channels - direct with our own sales teams, via distributors for smaller quantities of some of our products, and through e-channels such as Elemica and our own Customer Lounge portal.

We service customers through a global supply and logistics network using pipeline, road, rail, barge and marine forms of transport.

Our history

Shell entered the chemicals industry in 1929 and in the decades that followed has played a major part in the growth of the sector globally, while developing some of its key manufacturing processes. We have established large manufacturing hubs in the US Gulf Coast, Singapore and Rotterdam but have been producing chemicals here in the UK for over 80 years. 

Our strengths 

  • Heritage, scale and performance
  • Strong Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) systems
  • World-scale assets in strategic locations
  • Process technology advantages
  • Part of an integrated energy group with access to feedstock and markets

Manufacturing locations

Our global manufacturing base is focused on integrated sites in strategic locations, where we produce base chemicals, aromatics and key intermediates including ethylene oxide and glycols, propylene oxide and polyether polyols, higher olefins and derivatives, phenol, styrene monomer and solvents. 

Here in the UK we extract ethane from North Sea natural gas at a plant in St. Fergus, Scotland. This is processed into ethylene at a petrochemical facility in Mossmorran, Scotland, owned and operated by ExxonMobil Chemical, from which Shell takes 50% of the capacity.

The ethylene is shipped by pipeline to customers in the UK, including our own chemical manufacturing plant at Stanlow in northwest England, and exported to Europe. At Stanlow the ethylene is used to manufacture our polymer, lubricant and detergent intermediates, plasticisers and detergent alcohols.

The Stanlow plants are operated by Essar Oil (UK) Ltd on Shell’s behalf as part of an integrated oil refinery/petrochemicals site.

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