Beyond Data

Our oil condition monitoring service gives you access to Shell industry experts that use equipment and lubricant insights to provide preventative maintenance recommendations. Let the operational and engineering experience of our technical experts help you have more go time.

Shell LubeAnalyst is your oil and equipment health check service, providing:

  • Equipment-based diagnosis and insights

    based on more than 30 years of Shell expertise.

  • Strong support from Shell experts

    to help make preventive maintenance recommendations and keep your equipment running.

  • An easy-to-use digital platform

    providing an up-to-date overview of lubricant performance in your equipment on one dashboard and a mobile app.

Our comprehensive oil condition monitoring portfolio enables you to choose an oil service that meets your needs:

Shell LubeAnalyst Test Kits

Rapid, high-detail laboratory oil analysis covering 100+ different test options, including specialised turbine and varnish tests.

Shell LubeAnalyst Lite

On-site sample analysis and results in less than 20 minutes, for quick troubleshooting to inform immediate actions.

Shell Remote Sense

Continuous remote oil condition monitoring using sensor technology and advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights and recommendations for your critical assets in real time.

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