Under Pressure: Leading in Paradox Industries

Discover how to apply the lessons learned by leaders during the pandemic

The report explores the experiences and behaviour of 300 senior decision-makers across heavy industries during the pandemic, as they made decisions at speed, at scale and under immense pressure. Discover why that pressure was transformative and how crisis shapes business performance.

Inside the report

A man and a woman in meeting smiling

During a crisis, effective, innovative leadership can be the difference between failure and success. Download our brand-new report – “Under Pressure: Leading in Paradox Industries” – and learn:

  • The formula behind the “high velocity leadership” model, and why it is so successful.
  • How the pandemic altered the decision-making process of senior leaders from some of the world’s largest firms.
  • Why the last 18 months have accelerated business plans for digital transformation and decarbonisation.
  • The critical areas businesses – and their leaders – need to focus on as they look to address their next big challenges.

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