Shell Remote Sense monitors the oil in landfill engines with key insights such as:

  • TBN – acids from combustion of landfill gases takes a toll on the reserve alkalinity of the lubricating system. By monitoring TBN you will have a better idea if the oil is suitable for continued use, or if an oil change is recommended.
  • Silicon – siloxanes in the landfill gas stream turn into solid silica deposits, which lead to increased abrasive wear. Shell Remote Sense can monitor the silicon level in the oil so that you know when silicon build-up is reaching critical levels.
  • Viscosity – radical changes in engine oil viscosity can indicate combustion issues, or be an indicator that the wrong type of lubricant was topped-off in the sump. Viscosity issues should be corrected immediately in order to avoid damage to the engine.
  • Water contamination – Shell Remote Sense can give an indication of when contaminants like water have infiltrated the engine.

Other metrics can be added depending on your specific needs. Shell Remote Sense can be installed on engines with extremely sour gas streams. The service works on inline and V-shaped cylinder configurations.

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Choosing the right engine oil

Shell Remote Sense can work with any brand of engine oil, regardless of manufacturer. For Shell’s offering of landfill gas engine oils, please visit the Shell Mysella page.

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