The insights are delivered in real-time via the Shell Remote Sense website and email alerts, and can be integrated with existing monitoring and telemetry systems via API connections.

Shell Remote Sense differs from traditional lab-based oil analysis, such as Shell LubeAnalyst, in that the oil is continuously monitored, allowing you to detect potential problems early and take corrective actions before they cause damage to your equipment.

Industry 4.0 is the new normal. Our customers use Shell Remote Sense to expand their Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) footprint.

*Remote Sense is available in select markets and sectors. For any requests please contact your Shell representative.

Key elements of Shell Remote Sense:

  • Real time oil condition monitoring

    Shell Remote Sense can give you access to the live state of your oil, round the clock

  • Actionable insights and recommendations

    With targeted insights such as Remaining Oil Life and Contamination Detection, Shell Remote Sense delivers recommendations faster than lab-based oil analysis allowing you to respond quickly.

Shell Remote Sense can help you:

fuel dilution detected


Reduce Unplanned Downtime

By delivering actionable insights and recommendations, we can help you to respond quicker to anomalies before failure occurs, reducing unplanned downtime.

critical equipment identified


Optimise Maintenance

In monitoring your oil condition, we can obtain a view of the health of your asset, which will help you to prioritise which assets need attention.

oil change recommendation

Extend Equipment Life

Once we have a view of the health of your equipment, we can provide recommendations to help you improve that health, meaning each equipment can run for longer before it needs replacing.

reachstacker with engine highlighted


Increase Productivity

Shell Remote Sense helps you move away from time-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance, which can improve utilisation and increase productivity.

See how Shell Remote Sense can support your business

Shell Remote Sense for stationary engines

The Shell Remote Sense service has been deployed to engines running a variety of fuels – diesel, heavy fuel oil, sour gas, natural gas.

Shell Remote Sense for landfill engines

Learn how Shell Remote Sense can help solve challenges seen in engines at landfills, such as high silicon contamination.

Shell Remote Sense for pipeline compressor stations

Natural gas pipeline operators turn to Shell Remote Sense for online lubricant monitoring at manned and unmanned stations.

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