Shell worker consulting an industry worker on site

End to End Lubricant Solutions

Turning uncertainty into knowledge, complexity into simplicity, and difficulty into opportunity.

Shell worker consulting an industry worker on site

Shell turns uncertainty into knowledge, complexity into simplicity, and difficulty into opportunity

With orders to deliver, deadlines to meet and reputation to uphold, unplanned downtime is not an option. It may not be possible to eliminate problems entirely, but it is possible to see them coming and take preventative action. The end result is the same – avoiding lost productivity and unexpected costs.

At Shell, we help you make more informed decisions with greater certainty.

We are an end-to-end solutions provider with a suite of services and tools for your business, from oil analysis, to expert advice delivered on-site and virtually, to training programmes.

Whether it is keeping your operation in motion, optimising your lubrication programme more quickly, reskilling and upskilling your people, or capitalising on change – we can maximize profits while minimizing negative impacts.

Shell Lubricant Solutions is an expert partner that expands your team, empowers your operations and helps you conquer complexity to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

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Explore our complete toolkit of services, gain full access to Shell expertise and get online and in-person support.

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Explore our range of high quality lubricants, designed by technological experts, to increase component efficiency, prolong equipment life and significantly reduce vehicle downtime.

Shell LubeAnalyst

High-detail laboratory oil analysis covering 100+ different test options, allowing you to get equipment-based diagnosis and insights to make informed maintenance decisions.

Shell Remote Sense

Continuous remote oil condition monitoring using sensor technology and advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights and recommendations for your critical assets in real time.

Shell Lubricant Solutions Sustainability

Achieving Sustainability without Sacrificing Business Performance.

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