Today’s more compact mobile fluid power systems have smaller hydraulic fluid reservoirs, making them more susceptible to aeration. What’s more, because the fluid volumes are smaller, reservoir residence times can be as short as 30 seconds, leaving little time for air release.

This heightens the risk of air bubbles forming in your equipment’s hydraulic systems, which, in turn, can reduce efficiency and responsiveness while increasing noise levels and boosting the likelihood of pump failure.

The good news is that the right choice of lubricant can help. Made using advanced gas-to-liquids technology, Shell Tellus S4 VE synthetic hydraulic fluid delivers up to a 6% improvement in productivity compared to regular mineral oil-based fluids[1] while reducing energy losses from hydraulic pumps by up to 21%[2]. It also offers a 27% shorter air release time[3] to guard against the build-up of bubbles, thereby keeping noise pollution to a minimum.

Shell Tellus Product Range

Shell Tellus Product Range

Shell Tellus hydraulic fluids include extra-long-life synthetic technologies capable of up to four times standard life, through to reliable products for less-demanding applications.

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CNHTC, China

CNHTC, China

By replacing their hydraulic pump oil with Shell Tellus S2 M 46, CNHTC doubled their oil-drain intervals saving US$15,644.

Download the CNHTC case study
Automotive Component Manufacturer, Thailand

Automotive Component Manufacturer, Thailand

Changing to Shell Tellus S2 M hydraulic oil reduced unscheduled maintenance on Yarnapund’s pipe-bending machine saving over US$71,300 a year.

Download the Yarnapund case study
Omni Plastics, China

Omni Plastics, China

By changing to Shell Tellus S2 M 46, Omni Plastics doubled the oil-drain interval of their hydraulic systems saving a reported US$60,000 annually.

Download the Omni Plastics case study

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1 Based on Shell’s technical experience with finished lubricants, additive chemistry and base oils together with field and laboratory testing

2 Milwaukee School of Engineering Fluid Power Institute. The energy loss relates to the hydraulic pump losses for a formulation of Shell Tellus S4 VE when compared with a conventional mineral oil fluid in standard hydraulic bench testing under controlled conditions. Results may vary based on operating conditions and equipment

3 Measured using industry-standard, third-party and internal competitor benchmarking tests. Actual effects and benefits may vary. No guarantees provided