Today we see the demand for stationary gas engines soaring. This can be attributed to the growth in renewables – and therefore the need for backup power – as well as the trend towards decentralised power generation.

With stationary gas engines playing a larger role in powering Europe, greater demands and pressure are being placed on the engine. This means that they must be engineered for the highest possible levels of performance and efficiency.

Yet, our research shows that close to 1 in 5 European power businesses experience equipment breakdown due to ineffective lubrication1.

If you are part of the 60% that do not realise lubrication can lower maintenance costs2, then download our report to learn how you can reduce your total cost of ownership and keep your engines working harder, for longer. Powering tomorrow starts with today, so it’s time to make maintenance a priority.

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[1] [2] This is based on a survey, commissioned by Shell Lubricants and conducted by research firm Edelman Intelligence, based on 400 interviews with Power sector staff who purchase, influence the purchase or use lubricants / greases as part of their job across 8 countries across Europe (France, Italy, Poland, Germany, UK, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain). Fieldwork was conducted in two waves, with fieldwork for Wave 1 countries (Germany, UK) conducted in March-May 2018, and fieldwork for Wave 2 countries (France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey) conducted in November-December 2019. For more information, please visit