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Stationary gas engines on the rise 

How choosing Shell Mysella can help stationary gas engine operators boost productivity and profits.

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Deliver peak performance at lower cost

Deliver peak performance at lower cost

Learn how choosing the right lubricant can efficiently maintain your stationary gas engines, helping to deliver peak performance while reducing total cost of ownership.

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Datang Power Generation Company, China

Datang Power Generation Company, China

Datang Power extended the gas engine’s oil-drain interval, reduced its oil consumption and reported total annual savings of US$5,729.

Download the Datang Power case study
Thermie Serres, Greece

Thermie Serres, Greece

Power generation company Thermie Serres extended its oil-drain interval by 8,700 hours, more than treble its previous interval, saving $8,545 a year.

Download the Thermie Serres case study
Amtex Pvt. Ltd, Pakistan

Amtex Pvt. Ltd, Pakistan

Since changing to Shell Mysella S3 S, Amtex has increased its oil-drain interval from 1,000 to 1,400 hours.

Download the Amtex case study

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