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Shell Gadus high performance greases now available for the Lube-Shuttle® screw cartridge system.

The future of clean and efficient greasing

Greasing equipment with standard grease guns can be a dirty and time-consuming task. As a result, it can be seen as an unwelcome job and sometimes gets skipped.

At Shell we’ve now introduced a better alternative available for efficiently greasing equipment: the Lube-Shuttle® Screw Cartridge System.

Lube-Shuttle® takes the hassle out of greasing, it is quick, easy and clean.

Loading the Lube-Shuttle® grease gun with the grease cartridge can be done in three simple steps:

  1. Screw cap off
  2. Push grease slightly over the neck of the tube
  3. Screw the cartridge into the gun

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System benefits include?

  • No tear-off caps or tools required to open and close after use – reducing waste and minimising risk of potential contamination;
  • Sealed cartridge with a plunger, operated by vacuum, eliminates the need for the heavy spring and plunger found on a standard grease gun;
  • Stable 1-inch screw head – tearing off the screw head less likely versus other screw cartridge systems;
  • The grade used in the grease gun is visible, the fill status can easily be checked;
  • Lube-Shuttle® cartridges are recyclable. They are made of low-impurity plastic with little residue is left in the cartridge once emptied, product recycling and protection of the environment are optimized;
  • Even flow of grease, even if fluidity is low;
  • The design of the plunger minimizes leaking and enables almost total consumption of the grease inside the cartridge helping to save time, money and resources.

Lube-Shuttle cartridges


Duration: 2:14 minutes


A variety of users show and talk about how they use Lube-Shuttle

A variety of users of the Shell Lube-Shuttle system talk about how they use it in their business and what benefits it offers. They also demonstrate these benefits in the video.


[Text displays]

Shell Gadus


[Voice over plays]

Shell Gadus is introduced as being available for the LUBE-SHUTTLE® system

[Background music plays]

Throughout the video, soft up-beat music plays in the background.

[Video footage]

A rapid succession of shots show a variety of agricultural machines on land in combination with containers of lubrication on shelves in warehouses. After that, a warehouse is shown from outside with farm equipment driving by.


Nico Lehman – Workshop manager at Agroservice Luckau GMbh

Nico Lehman

Nico talks about how the company he works for uses Shell Oils and Greases because their customers are happy with it. He also talks about how they’ve been using the Lube-Shuttle system and why. He emphasizes the benefits of the Lube-Shuttle system.

[Video footage]

A man is shown to be driving a piece of farming machinery, after that Nico can be seen sitting in a warehouse, talking to the camera. After that, more footage of farming equipment being driven are shown. After that Nico is shown standing in front of a large farming machine. After that, Nico is shown using the Lube-Shuttle system on a variety of machines.


Doreen Kreissler – Kreissler 24

Doreen Kreissler

Doreen talks about how many of her client are already using the Lube-shuttle system and that she’s happy to introduce the Shell Lube-Shuttle greases to the market. She expresses that she expects it will help further grow her grease sales.

[Video footage]

At first a warehouse is shown from above. The warehouse reads “Kreissler 24 KG”. After that, Doreen is shown walking through the isles of the warehouse. There are barrels on racks on either side of the aisle. Then a man is shown rolling a tractor tire through one of the aisles. Doreen is shown standing next to a red barrel in one of the aisles.  On top of the barrel there are three shell Lube-Shuttle cartridges as wel as a Lube-Shuttle device. After that, Doreen is shown walking through the warehouse whilst she’s talking to a man in a high-visibility jacket. The man takes one Shell Lube-Shuttle cartridge off a shelf.

Doreen Kreissler

Doreen talks about their client’s feedback on the Lube-Shuttle system and talks about the various benefits it has.

[Video footage]

Doreen picks up the Lube-Shuttle device from the barrel and demonstrates some of the Lube-Shuttle benefits she’s talking about.

[Animated sequence]

A 3d animation shows how the Lube-Shuttle system works by showing a cross section of the Lube-Shuttle device with a cartridge in it.

Doreen Kreissler

Doreen places the Lube-Shuttle device she’s been holding back on the red barrel.


Gregor Knösels – Spreewald farmer

Gregor Knösels

Gregor explains why he uses high-quality greases and why he therefore uses Lube-Shuttle. He explains how he uses Lube-Shuttle and that they’re very happy with it.

[Video footage]

Aerial footage of a tractor working on farm-land is show. After that, the steering wheel inside the tractor is shown whilst a man’s hand operates it. A close up shows the plows behind the tractor digging through dirt. Gregor is shown standing in front of his tractor, talking to the camera. He demonstrates how he uses Lube-Shuttle. After that, Gregor is shown standing in front of his tractor again, talking about Lube-Shuttle.

[Video footage]

A rapid succession of shots shows a variety of farm equipment being operated in combination with shots of Shell Lube-Shuttle cartridges. The video ends on a blurred video of Lube-Shuttle cartridges and a Lube-Shuttle device. Over top of the video the shell logo appears.

[Background music plays]

Shell jingle plays

Lube-Shuttle® Cartridge Systems

  • Easy to use features

    Fast and clean loading and unloading of grease gun

  • Increased Safety

    Cartridges have a stable 1” screw neck minimizing the tear-off risk

  • Improved Cleanliness

    the cartridge & plunger design minimizes leakage

  • Multiple system components

    Various different grease guns and adaptors available

  • Environmentally friendly*1

    Cartridges are made of low-impurity plastic 

* 1 Lube-Shuttle® cartridges are recyclable. They are made of low impurity plastic and there is almost no grease left in the grease cartridge after use.

Motor Company, Thailand

Motor Company, Thailand

Changing to Shell Gadus S2 V220 avoided the replacing the enclosed gears on its 18 industrial robots. Total savings: US$154,286.

Download the Shell Gadus case study
Dongying artificial board factory, China

Dongying artificial board factory, China

Dongying Factory wanted to reduce the operating and maintenance costs, using Shell Gadus to lubricate bearings saved US$9,848 per year.

Download the Dongying case study
Southern Steel Corp, Vietnam

Southern Steel Corp, Vietnam

Changing to Shell Gadus helped this steel company reduce breakdowns and improve uptime. Result: reported annual saving of US$5,145.

Download the Southern Steel case study
International Hard Rock Mine, Peru

International Hard Rock Mine, Peru

Shell Gadus extends life of an underground mining equipment with a potential saving of US$189,800

Download the IHRM case study
Shell Gadus Product Range

Shell Gadus Product Range

The Shell Gadus range has been developed to give you enhanced wear protection, long grease life and system efficiency. Find out how it can help your business.

Download the Shell Gadus Product Range Brochure

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