As demand for power rises in tandem with growing populations, we are seeing increasing pressure being placed on key, yet aging, infrastructure like power and distribution transformers. In addition, the move towards more and cleaner energy means renewable-power generation capacity is now located in extreme and ecologically sensitive environments. As a result, transformers are now required to operate in high stress and tough conditions – such as arctic climates where challenges for power professionals are aplenty.

This decentralisation of the grid, along with the increasing demand for power, has led to transformers facing more pressure to deliver than ever before.

To drive peak performance, while safeguarding both equipment and the surrounding environment, we now need new and improved transformer oils that can both perform and protect, without compromise.

Shell Diala S5 BD is the latest addition to the Shell Diala range of high-performance transformer oils. Based on advanced GTL technology, Shell Diala S5 BD has a pourpoint below -51ºC - providing excellent cold temperature performance to help keep business in motion. In addition, it is, readily biodegradable, meaning it is suitable for environmentally sensitive locations that require safeguarding.

Improving sustainability credentials does not mean a sacrifice on performance. In fact, Shell Diala S5 BD is specifically designed to deliver peak performance in transformers under increasing pressure from growing electricity demand. Excellent cooling and heat transfer properties enable superior system efficiency, while its formulation also provides robust resistance to oil ageing and degradation.

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