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Shell’s research shows that maintenance is often deprioritised until it’s too late - and a breakdown happens. Gaps in operators’ lubrication expertise are leading to avoidable costs and delays.

By using the right combination of Shell lubricants, companies can improve vehicle and equipment performance and productivity. Lubricant costs can be as little as 1-2% of total maintenance costs, yet, optimising lubricant use across all operations can save 30% of operating costs.


Shell Driveline for Fleet

When trucks and buses are the lifeblood of your business, minimising downtime and maximising fuel efficiency is essential.

Shell lubricants for Driveline help your vehicles meet legislative requirements and keep them on the road.

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Shell Driveline for Construction

We understand you’re under pressure to complete your projects on time and on budget, getting the most from equipment such as excavators, loaders, pavers and cranes.

Shell lubricants for Driveline help you maximise productivity and efficiency, supporting your profit margin.

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Shell Driveline for Agriculture

The success of your agricultural operations depends on your ability to get the most from a wide range of equipment such as tractors, harvesters, seeders and spreaders.

Shell lubricants for Driveline help you minimise carbon emissions and maximise equipment uptime, especially in peak season.

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