Why Shell Spirax?

Proven wear protection 

Protecting axles and gears from wear can help to reduce maintenance costs, extend vehicle life and maximise your return on investment. The Shell Spirax range of axle and gear oils offers proven protection, including the latest synthetic oils that deliver exceptional wear, pitting, bearing-failure and corrosion protection for heavy-duty axles, transmissions and gears operating under highly stressed conditions. This can help to reduce your costs.

Longer oil and component life

The longer an oil goes on protecting its components, the less maintenance your vehicle requires, so it can continue to operate without interruption, which can help reduce your maintenance costs. The Shell Spirax range contains oils that are designed to offer you value through exceptional oil life and protection that enable oil drain intervals and component life to be extended. For example, in industry-standard oxidation tests, Shell Spirax S6 AXME axle oil remains in specification after four times the normal duration of the test, which means that it can go on protecting your vehicle components.


Shell Spirax oils are designed to keep your transmission components protected so that they go on working efficiently. For instance, Shell Spirax S6 AXME and Shell Spirax S6 GME have special frictional properties and high fluidity that reduce power loss, lower the operating temperature and offer higher mechanical efficiency. These properties can help to deliver fuel efficiency and savings.

Rank Product In some models replaces* Description Approvals/ Meet the specification of:
Key Automatic Grades Shell Spirax S5 DCT X New Premium Multi-Vehicle Wet Dual Clutch Transmission fluid  VW TL 521 82 (VW DQ 250, DQ 500 & DL382); GETRAG 6DCT150 & 7DCT300
Shell Spirax S5 ATF X  Spirax S4 ATF HDX
Spirax S2 ATF AX
Premium Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission fluid FORD MERCON V, MERCON; GM DEXRON, DEXRON II & DEXRON III; ALLISON C4; AISIN JWS 3309 (ALL); JASO 1A, 2A-02; TOYOTA T III, T IV
Shell Spirax S5 CVT X New Premium Multi-Vehicle Automotive Continuous Variable Transmission fluid - chain and push belt type VW/AUDI G052 516 A2; NISSAN NS-2 & 3; TOYOTA CVTF-FE/ TC; HONDA HCF-2; SUBARU CVTF LINEARTRONIC & HIGH TORQUE CVT; MITSUBISHI CVTF-J1 & J4; JEEP VTF; MB 236.20
Shell Spirax S6 ATF X Spirax S5 ATF X
 Spirax S4 ATF HDX
Premium Multi-Vehicle lower viscosity Automatic Transmission fluid FORD MERCON LV, V, MERCON; GM DEXRON VI; ALLISON C4; AISIN JWS 3309 (ALL); JASO 1A LV; TOYOTA T-VI/WS
Key Manual Grade Shell Spirax S6 GXME 75W-80 Spirax S4 G 75W-80;
Spirax S3 G 80W;
Spirax S2 G 80W-90
Premium, Fuel Economy Manual Transmission and Gearbox Oil API CLASS GL-4; MAN 341 Z4, 341 E3; ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 16K
For Sports Cars Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90 Spirax S4 AT 75W-90 Designed to fulfil the highest requirements of extremely loaded passenger car systems MB 236.26, FERRARI, GETRAG, API GL4 GL5 MT1
Multi-purpose Spirax S2 ATF AX - High performance automatic transmission fluid, Power steering fluid and hydraulic oil in many MAN and Voith vehicles and ZF transmissions  FORD MERCON; MB 236.6; ZF TE-ML: 03D, 04D, 09, 11A, 14A; VOITH 55.6335, MAN: 339 TYP Z1, 339 TYP V1; RENK
Shell Spirax S4 TXM - SAE 10W-30 Multi Tractor Transmission & Hydraulic Oil MAT-3525; JDM-J20C; M1145; VOLVO WB 101; API GL-4; SAE J 306 85W; MS 1207/1209/1210; ALLISON C-4
High Performance Shell Spirax S4 AT 75W-90 - High Performance GL-4/5 Oil for Gearboxes and Axles API CLASS - GL-4, GL-5, MT-1
For Heavy Duty Vehicles Shell Spirax S4 ATF HDX - Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission fluid ZF TE-ML 03D, 04D, 14B, 16L, 17C; MAN 339/Z2, 339/V2; MB 236.9; VOITH 55.6336.XX; VOLVO 97341:39, FORD MERCON; GM DEXRON IIIG; ALLISON C4
Shell Spirax S3 AM 80W-90 - GL-4/5 Universal Gear Oil for MAN, ZF, MACK & Scania MAN 341 E2; MAN 341 Z2; MAN 342 M2; ZF TE-ML: 02B, 05A, 12L, 12M, 16C, 17H, 19B, 21A; MACK GO-J; SCANIA STO 1:0; API GL-4, GL-5, MT-1; MIL-PRF-2105E; SAE J 2360
Shell Spirax S6 AXME 75W-90 Spirax S6 ADME 75W-90; Shell Spirax S3 AM 80W-90 Superior, Fuel Efficient GL-5 Axle Oil for Premium Applications SAE J2360; VOLVO 97312; MAN 342 S1, 341 GA-2; MERITOR 076-N, EXTND DRAIN; ZF TE-ML 05A, 12L, 16F, 17B, 19C, 21A; SCANIA STO 2:0 G, 2:0 A FS; DAF; MACK GO-J; API GL-5, MT-1; MIL-PRF-2105E; IVECO 18-1805
Shell Spirax S6 ATF A295 - Extended Drain Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission fluid, specifically designed for ALLISON TES-295 fluids ALLISON TES-295 AN-121008, ALLISON TES-468 AN-121008; FORMER DEXRON III APPLICATIONS; VOITH DIWA TRANSMISSION; ZF TE-ML 14A, 14B, 14C; MAN 339 Z3; MB 236.91; CAT AT-0
Shell Spirax S6 AXME 75W-140 - Superior, Fuel Efficient, Extended Drain Axle Oil for Scania & others SCANIA STO 2:0A; API GL-5, MT-1
NEW Mercedes Grades Shell Spirax S6 ATF 134M New Mandatory spec for Mercedes Benz NAG2v transmissions (Model 722.9 /W7A, 700/NAG2. Can also be used in Mercedes 5 speed transmissions (model 722.6/W5A) MB-Approval 236.14
Shell Spirax S6 ATF 134ME New Developed as an initial-fill and service-fill fluid specially for Mercedes Benz-7-speed-automatic transmissions (NAG2FE+) MB-Approval 236.15
Shell Spirax S6 ATF D971 New Latest generation of fuel economy optimized 9-speed automatic transmissions(9G-Tronic) used in Mercedes Benz passenger cars MB-Approval 236.17

* Shell's Technical Team recommend using our look up tool for further clarification on a particular vehicle at www.shell.co.uk/lubematch

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