Our downstream business – customer at a service station

Shell in the UK

Our upstream business has been finding and producing oil and gas in the North Sea for more than 30 years. Our downstream business provides fuels, lubricants and chemical products to millions of customers across the UK every week.

Our upstream business

Shell has been a leading player in the North Sea for over 50 years, and now produces oil and gas from more than 50 interests in North Sea Fields, 30 North Sea platforms and 2 FPSO’s – one operated and one operated on our behalf. We produce approximately 10% of the UK's oil and gas. Onshore we own and operate pipeline systems and terminals that are responsible for delivering more than 20% of the UK's gas supply.

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Our downstream business

Shell has a major downstream business in the UK, supplying fuel and lubricants to businesses and motorists, and the aviation and shipping industries. Across the country more than 1,000 Shell-branded service stations serve over four million customers every week. We also supply major UK airports with fuel for about 600 aircraft each day.

Shell Chemicals is one of the world’s largest petrochemical operations, and has operated in the UK for more than 80 years. Ethylene from our North Sea gas production is used by companies in the UK and Europe as the building blocks for everyday products, from plastic bags and bubble bath to car parts.

Our UK trading business trades crude oil, refined products, natural gas, electrical power, chemical feedstocks and environmental products, such as CO2 allowances.

Projects & Technology

Our projects and technology organisation has teams based in Aberdeen and London. They manage the delivery of our major projects around the world from developing gas to liquids plants to deep water exploration.

They also work to develop the new technology we will need to meet the world’s growing energy needs.

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