Bacton Gas Plant, located 20 miles (32km) from Great Yarmouth is a hydrocarbon Gas processing plant of strategic national importance supplying up to 1/3 of the UK's gas supply as well as importing and exporting gas from Europe. The Plant was built and commissioned in 1968 and officially opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1969. 

The plant receives and processes gas to National Transmission System entry specification from UK Southern North Sea Gas Fields including Leman, Sole Pit and Sean. Gas is also received and processed from Central UK offshore fields via a 475km subsea pipeline. 

Further connections link the plant direct to the European market with hydrocarbon gas sent and received from Zeebrugge in Belgium as well as Balgzand in the Netherlands via a direct 235 km gas pipeline.

The plant uses cryogenic processes to separate the hydrocarbon components and has unique systems such as the desalination plant and waste water treatment plant which help to unlock more production. Methane gas is delivered to National Grid for entry into the National Transmission System, which through its network, provides gas for downstream domestic and industrial use.

The Bacton gas terminal has a number of 3rd party customers such as ONE-Dyas UK Limited and BBL Company with a name plate capacity of over 100MCM more opportunities exist to bring more 3rd party customers in.

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