Jaguar and Land Rover* drivers can now use Fill Up & Go via their car’s touchscreen to pay for their fuel at selected Shell service stations in the UK. This is the first ever cashless in-car payment system and will mean a trip to refuel will now be even quicker and easier. Drivers won't need to take their children out of the car, they won't need to queue in the shop, and they can pay for their fuel through their car - even if they have left their wallet at home!

By connecting an iPhone to the Jaguar or Land Rover’s* infotainment system the Fill Up & Go transaction is handled via the Shell app through the car's touchscreen. Drivers can pay with Apple Pay or PayPal and, after filling up, an electronic receipt will be displayed on the vehicle’s touchscreen, as well as being sent to the driver’s email address.  Motorists can then leave the forecourt confident that they have paid for their fuel.

Shell and Jaguar Land Rover have worked together to create a simple but secure customer experience that uses geolocation technology and a cloud based pre-payment check with the PayPal or Apple Pay wallet. In 2015 cash made up 45% of payments, compared with 64% in 2005, and is expected to fall to just a quarter by 2025. 

According to the technology research firm Gartner, one in five cars (worldwide) will have a form of wireless connection by 2020. One reason for this is the eCall EU regulation which comes into force in April 2018, when all new cars in Europe will be equipped with technology that automatically alerts rescue services to car collisions. The predicted rise in connected cars mean drivers can stamp their identity, their lifestyle choices, on their vehicles. They can have a curated playlist that they can listen to, be as connected as they want, or can simply switch off and enjoy the ride.. 

Terms and conditions apply:

*This functionality is available to Jaguar and Land Rover owners with vehicles from 2014 that have InControl Apps technology installed.

IOS devices only at participating Shell sites in the UK. Do not use a mobile phone (or the Shell app) whilst driving, for more information about our mobile payment service – Fill Up & Go, please see

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