Shell Recharge is Shell’s on forecourt electric car charging service, providing EV drivers charging with 100% certified renewable electricity.
Shell Recharge is Shell’s on forecourt electric car charging service, providing EV drivers charging with 100% certified renewable electricity.

The number of pure-electric vehicles on UK roads is steadily increasing. According to the UK Government, in early 2010 there were around 9,000 ultra-low emissions vehicles, or ULEVs, in the UK. By December 2021, this number had risen to 370,000. That is an increase of over 3,000%.1

But, for electric vehicle use to continue to grow, drivers need to feel confident that there are convenient and reliable means of recharging their vehicles. That’s why we’ve been steadily growing our network of EV charging points since 2017. We have plans to grow our EV charging network at forecourts and in towns and cities to over 100,000 by 2030.

Shell has opened its first EV charging hub in the UK in Fulham, London, where petrol and diesel pumps at an existing fuel station have been replaced with ultra-rapid charge points. A global pilot, this is the first time the company has converted one of its existing sites to cater solely for electric vehicles. Shell Fulham features nine high-powered, ultra-rapid 175kW charge points which can charge most vehicles2 up to 80% within 30 minutes.

To ensure that customers can use the time they spend charging more effectively, the hub also offers a comfortable seating area for waiting EV drivers. We have Costa Coffee store and an extensive Little Waitrose & Partners shop offer so that our customers can enjoy a cup of their favourite crafted coffee, grab a snack, pick up dinner or stock up on essentials while they wait.

The hub also features a sustainable design with solar panels built into the roof that provide around a quarter of the electricity the site needs. Shop front double glazing with highly insulating properties reduces energy use for both cooling in the summer and heating in winter, and the chargers all run on 100% certified renewable electricity as well.3 The hub’s canopy is constructed from sheets of timber glued together which use much less energy to produce and transport than steel.

Planning permission for the hub was received in early 2021 and the site opened in January 2022. Take a look at the video below to meet Will, an Architectural Designer at Bowman Riley who designed the hub.

1. Source: DfT

2. Charging speed depends on several factors including temperature outside, type of car, size of battery and battery condition. The 150kW chargers will give the fastest charge the vehicle can accept. These figures are based on an initial state of charge of the battery of 20%
3. Our renewable electricity is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs), which means that all of the electricity Shell purchases to supply our Shell Recharge sites is matched with the equivalent amount of units from 100% renewable sources in the UK.

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