Electric Car Recharging - Clean Energy
Electric vehicles can be charged at home, at work or on the go

Unlike traditional vehicles, which usually only refuel at petrol stations, electric cars have the potential to be recharged at home, at work or on the go, including in shared locations such as forecourts, car parks or supermarkets.

The number of pure-electric vehicles on UK roads is steadily increasing. But for electric vehicle use to grow more rapidly, drivers need to feel confident that there are convenient and reliable means of recharging their vehicles.

At Shell we support this ambition, and, in the UK, this includes providing electric mobility charging options for homes and businesses, as well as the provision of faster, high-powered charging options on forecourts.

Shell also supports the UK Government's ambition to increase the uptake of electric cars and believes the phase out date for sales of new internal combustion engine vehicles could be brought forward to 2030, to make sure the UK meets the 2050 net zero target. However, this could only be delivered through a robust government plan to make the transition fair and deliverable.

Shell Recharge and NewMotion charging Clean Energy posts are supplied by 100% certified renewable electricity
Shell Recharge charging posts are supplied by electricity from 100% certified renewable sources

Cleaner Energy

Clean energy is a crucial part of the e-mobility ecosystem: unless they are powered using clean electricity, electric mobility vehicles do not contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution across the UK.

Shell wants to be a leading player in the transport system of tomorrow . That’s why as the number of electric vehicles on the road grows, Shell is also working to provide more electricity from sources such as wind and solar power that will allow electric vehicles to run on low-carbon power sources. Furthermore, all Shell Recharge charging posts are supplied by electricity from 100% certified renewable sources.

Additionally, NewMotion recently joined forces with energy supply company Shell Energy Retail to offer customers a home charging point for a discounted price, with every charge powered by 100% certified renewable electricity. Shell Energy also offers a specific EV tariff that provides customers with discounts on home charging.


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