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Future Transport

Domestic transport is the largest emitting sector of the UK economy, accounting for 35% of UK greenhouse gas emissions.

There is a vital need to improve air quality by reducing emissions, both local emissions that cause air pollution in our towns and cities, and the CO2 that contributes to global climate change.

These include biofuels, electric vehicle charging and hydrogen. Some options are suited to short journeys within urban areas, while others will perform better on longer journeys between cities.

Shell Recharge the Netherlands

Electric Vehicles

In the UK, Shell is encouraging the uptake of Electric Vehicles (EVs) by investing in charging infrastructure at home, at work and on the go.

For customers on the go, we have an on forecourt charging offer, Shell Recharge, and have installed over 70 EV charging points at our Shell retail sites to date, with plans to install hundreds more as the market grows. These Shell Recharge points allow drivers to charge their cars in as little as half an hour.

For customers who prefer to charge their vehicles at home or at work, we acquired the company NewMotion, one of the biggest charging point operators in Europe.

Our plan is to increase access to a choice of recharging options that meet different customer needs as the number of electric vehicles increases.

We have also started to install super-fast charge points in partnership with IONITY at strategic sites in Europe. These will take less than 10 minutes to charge the next generation of electric vehicles.

Customer refuels at Shell UK Future Fuels

The Future of Hydrogen

We believe hydrogen has the potential to be an important low-carbon transport fuel, particularly for heavy-duty transport such as trucks and trains.

Hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles produce no greenhouse gases from the exhaust pipe – the only emission is water vapour. And when renewable electricity is used to make the hydrogen, the vehicle can effectively be powered without generating any emissions.

To date, we have opened two UK hydrogen refuelling stations with our partners ITM Power and Toyota, with one more to open shortly. We have government funding for three more.

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Our Response to Climate Change

Tackling climate change while continuing to meet the world’s energy needs is one of the greatest challenges faced by society. Shell fully supports the goals of the Paris Agreement and, in the UK, the Government’s ambitious target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Cleaner Power

As the world changes and customer needs change, Shell is adapting too. We aim to make electricity a significant business for Shell, one that in the future could sit alongside oil, gas and chemicals.