The journey to inspire more young people about engineering starts in school. That’s why Shell has invested over £1million in the Tomorrow’s Engineers programme. Endorsed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Tomorrow’s Engineers aims to give every 11-14 year old student in the UK inspiring hands-on engineering experiences with employers and open their eyes to the incredible range of engineering careers across the world.

With Shell’s investment, Tomorrow’s Engineers has launched a new school programme – The Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest. With a focus on energy, the programme helps students explore the science and maths curriculum in a fun and engaging way. The Energy Quest includes a half-day workshop delivered by an experienced Tomorrow’s Engineers presenter, followed by a series of classroom-based modules that help students explore the different forms of energy and how technology is helping the world create more energy whilst limiting carbon emissions.

As well as bringing key parts of the curriculum to life, The Energy Quest gives students the opportunity to take part in exciting science experiences, learn about engineering careers and meet engineers and scientists from their local community. Over the next three years the programme will reach more than 70,000 students in over 650 schools.

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