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Pay at Pump

The faster, easier and safer way to pay for fuel

Avoid in-store queues when you pay with credit or debit card at our chip and pin enabled terminals. 

How to use Pay at Pump:

  1. On the terminal screen, select ‘Pay at Pump’.
  2. Insert your credit/debit card and loyalty card, and follow on-screen instructions.
  3. Fill up your tank as usual.

Attended Service

Shell puts the service back into UK service stations with the return of Forecourt Attendants.

After an absence of more than 20 years, the reappearance of Shell forecourt attendants at certain sites in the UK heralds a return to a golden age of motoring customer service.

The new Attended Service is designed to improve the overall forecourt experience, delivering a more personal service at no extra cost, including:

  • Helping you with advice on fuels, fuel efficiency, safety tips and of course, refuelling. 
  • Carrying out basic car care e.g. checks on oil levels, screen wash levels, tyre pressure and tread. 
  • Giving advice on good driving behaviours
  • Attended Service is only available at selected Shell sites, between selected times.

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