Inside shell v-power nitro+

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel

Find out about our best performance fuel for diesel engines. Designed to restore and maintain engine power through active engine protection.

Station Locator

Quickly find details of your nearest petrol station and plan your route.

Staying ahead series

For some drivers, their vehicle’s performance makes the difference between success and failure. Watch the series now.  

Sebastian Vettel With Ambulance And Driver

Sebastian Vettel's Job Swap

See what happens when Sebastian Vettel switches roles with a UK paramedic in this high performance driving challenge.

Sebastian Vettel's Job Swap

*Actual benefits may vary according to vehicle, age of vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.

Where “improved performance” is used the performance benefit in engines is compared to (i) a regular 95 RON Unleaded, in the case of Shell V-Power Nitro+ Unleaded; and (ii) our former Shell V-Power Diesel formulation, in the case of Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel.