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Road Tolls and Taxes

If you’re transporting goods to various countries it’s likely you’ll also have dozens of road toll receipts to deal with. With a Shell Fuel Card your drivers won’t need cash to pay for tolls. The charges will simply be added to your single invoice for the whole fleet.

Tunnels and Bridges

Use your Shell Fuel Card to pay for tolls on tunnels and bridges in all major European countries.

Breakdown Assistance and Security Services

Reliable breakdown assistance and security services in nearly 40 European countries.

Ferries and ROLA (truck on train)

Use your Shell Fuel Card to pay for ROLA (truck on train) services and bookings on European ferry crossings. By combining driver rest periods with train or ferry travel you can save your business time and money – using them can also help reduce your CO2 emissions.

VAT and excise duty reclaim

Use the Shell Fuel Card to recover VAT and excise duty charges quickly and easily, where possible, across Europe.