Make the Future London

Questioning the world is the first step to changing it. And nowhere can you see it clearer than at Make The Future London - a four-day festival of ideas and innovation coming to London this June. It will play host to innovators who are questioning the way we think about creating energy, and offer curious minds a glimpse into the future of our cities and the lives we’ll soon be living.

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How often do you question the world?

As a kid, it was hundreds of times a day. In fact, studies show that 4 year olds can ask as many as 390 questions daily. Questions that ask why is the world the way that it is? Why is the sky blue? Why do hands only have five fingers? Why are cows called cows?

Childish as they may seem, questions like these show us the power of a question: to confront us with what we take for granted; to upset the status quo; to see the world how it could be, instead of how it is. That’s why they’re vital to helping the world reach a more sustainable energy future.

But then we grow up. We learn to accept things the way they are. And the number of questions we ask plummets. The causes for this are numerous, but when you consider how schools and the world at large prioritise answers over questions, it becomes easier to understand why.

If the creative adult is the child who survived, then perhaps innovators are simply adults who never lost that ability to question why the world is the way that it is? Or why isn't it another way?


What can we learn from kids?

When it comes to questions, kids make the best teachers. As Rachel Riley reveals in these behind-the-scenes interviews.

What do your questions say about you?

Are you a rebel? A realist? Inquisitor or socialite? The questions we ask don’t just shape our future, they provide insights into who we are. Discover what your questions reveal about you when you take our quiz

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The Schools programme

Get your school involved in Make the Future Live – a four day festival of ideas and innovation hosted by Shell in London, in spring 2017

Make the Future Live

Make the Future Live, a festival of ideas and innovation featuring Shell Eco-marathon Europe, will be returning to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from May 25 – 28, 2017. Register for your free tickets now.


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