Inside Energy and Innovation

The energy future

By 2050, the world’s population could grow to 9 billion people, up from about 7 billion now, with demand for energy up to three quarters higher in 50 years.

Meeting today’s demand

Shell is a major energy producer in the UK providing 11% of the country’s oil and gas. Learn more about how we find, produce and transport oil and gas.

Innovating together

We invest in great ideas from others, such as our partners, entrepreneurs, employees, students and academics. Find out how.

Transforming natural gas

We are helping to meet the world’s growing energy demand while limiting CO2 emissions, by delivering more cleaner-burning natural gas.

Energy from deep water

We produce energy from the UK North Sea in waters more than one hundred metres deep, but world-wide there may be as many as 300 billion barrels of recoverable oil in waters up to several kilometres deep.

Tomorrow’s energy resources

To help satisfy growing demand for energy, the world will increasingly turn towards regions and countries with great untapped energy potential.  

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