Crossing tunnels and bridges is a big part of travelling in Europe. They can be expensive - often the price for a single crossing can cost as much as several hundred euros - so it’s vital to your business that you manage this expense effectively.

Payment options

You can pay for a number of European tunnels and bridges using either euroShell card, or through other payment methods – such as the Frejus Card or Brobizz on-board unit. With all tolls charged directly to your Shell Fuel Card account, keeping on top of expenditure couldn’t be simpler.

An on-board unit gives you access to dedicated fast-lanes, ensuring you avoid major delays, even at the busiest of times. Plus, discounted rates are often available for frequent travelers and regional traffic.

Country Tunnel

Arlbergstrassen Tunnel (S16)
Bosruck Tunnel (A9)
Gleinalm Tunnel (A9)
Tauern and Katschbert Tunnel (A10)
Pfander Tunnel (A14)
All of the above Tunnels are included in GO Maut if your vehicle is above 3.5 tons.
Felbertauernstrasse Tunnel

Austria/Slovenia Karawanken Tunnel
Belgium Liefkenshoek Tunnel
(direct eS Card payment or with our Interroute electronic tag, covering also motorways in France/Spain)
France/Italy Frejus Tunnel and Mont Blanc Tunnel (direct eS Card Payment or with a Frejus Card)
France/UK Eurotunnel (crossings booked via our partner, Transcamion)
Netherlands Westerschelde Tunnel
Norway Oslofjordtunnel, Trekantsambandet(direct eS Card payment or with a Brobizz device) Sunnhordland Tunnel (direct eS Card Payment)


Country Bridges
France Pont de Normandie, Pont de Tancarvile, Viaduc du Millau
Denmark Great Belt Bridge (direct eS Card Payment or with a Brobizz device)
Denmark/Sweden Oresund Bridge (direct eS Card Payment or with a Brobizz device)
Norway Skodjebrua (direct eS Card Payment), Sykkylvsbrua, and Straumsbrua (direct eS Card Payment or with a Brobizz device)
Norway/Sweden Svinesund Bridge (direct eS Card Payment or with a Brobizz Device)