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Which Belgian routes are affected?

The new toll will be levied on all the roads where the e-eurovignette toll (Belgium now exiting this) is currently being applied throughout Belgium. Satellic, the operator in charge of the project, has confirmed the coverage will be over 7000km of Belgium’s 154,000km road network. So what will this cost ?

Take a look at Satellic’s tariffs

Here are the specifics:

  • In Flanders and Wallonia, the tariff varies based on the vehicle weight (3.5-12, 12-32, > 32t) and the emissions EURO (0-2; 3; 4; 5-6). The most expensive tariff (for l’EURO 0-2) will be 20 € cents / km.
  • In Brussels, the tariff varies by zone (motorway or urban) travelled.
  • In Wallonia, the kilometre tariff is based on the TVA (21%), the other two regions do not apply TVA.

How do you register?

  • For those companies that occasionally use the Belgian road network:
    Prior to entering the area regulated by the new the toll , we recommend you visit  one of the new vending machines installed in numerous parking concourses and service stations – which comprises many Shell stations in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Germany.
    1. Create a user account at the Satellic Road User Portal
    2. Register vehicles subject to toll
      Vehicle documents, i.e. euro class emission, license plate number etc.
    3. Pay a deposit of 135 EUR per OBU
    4. Link your euroShell card as the payment method to the OBU
  • For those companies that regularly use the Belgian road network:
    You have the option of post-payment. You can request this via the Satellic portal (Satellic Portal) and order your OBUs by registering for the post-pay scheme– it will then be shipped direct to your offices/home.
    Shell is still awaiting further details on the registration process from Satellic. We will keep you informed

Please note the contract for the OBU will be between Satellic and your company/the end user

Details of Satellic‘s customer service centre will soon be available for support and complaint management (covering French, Dutch, English and German languages)


  • There are still unknowns in the end-to-end registration process (Satellic to determine), however, as your Partner on the Road, Shell aims to actively support you in the process and settlement of the toll
  • In order to reduce cash flow impacts, we encourage you to think about using the post-pay scheme
  • At some point in time (Satellic to determine), we will clearly communicate which types of documents are needed (both account and vehicle registration). We are working on solutions that reduce efforts required from you. However, there will be a prerequisite to supply documents – either to Satellic through Shell or to Satellic directly

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